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Below are some of the best College Search Engines we are aware of.  DCS does not endorse any of these search engines ... but would like to let you know what sites we have been told about.

Click on the logo of each engine to go to their site. 

Unsure of Where to Go ... What to Major In ... Check out Big Future:


Free resource site that exists to help you with all facets of your college experience, but most importantly with the process of choosing a school and with financing your education.


Finding the right college for you involves many factors including:
               Do they have your major?
               Location/Distance from home
               Cost/Availability of Financial Aid & Scholarships
               Dorms/residential facilities
               Student/Faculty ratio
               Academic support
               Sports (Division I, II, or III)
               Study Abroad programs
               Career Placement Services
Use the links below to search for colleges based on your "shopping list".

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