10th Grade


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Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the first year of high school.  It may not be as big a transition as 6th to 7th grade but keeping up with the demands of high school courses, new teachers and Regents Exams is still a challenge.

Students will be taking their 2nd English (4 to graduate), History (4), Math (3) and Science (3) as well as the required half year of High School Health and of course, Phys. Ed. 

   It is critical to stay "on track" if you have an interest in attending BOCES for a vocational program.  BOCES is half of a student's day and there is no room in one's schedule to double up classes.  In the Fall, BOCES will visit D.C.S. to meet with 10th graders to explain what BOCES offers and answer student's questions. In February, students may visit BOCES to see two programs of interest.  Students who want to go to BOCES in11th & 12th grade will then make that request for their schedule.   A mandatory meeting for students and parents with the Principal follows in February to sign an attendance contract.     FLTCC Website -  BOCES Programs

Second semester - Career Education will include taking a Career Interest Inventory (ONET). Their results will match them to occupations of similar interest. Students will explore their interests, strengths and weaknesses and how this impacts future career choices.  What level of education do you need?  What is the "Job Outlook" for this occupation/career?


Occupational Outlook Handbook (O.O.H.)
     -  Link for the OOH

  Website to research occupations based on the following:
      - Nature of the Work/What do you do?
       - Working Conditions/Work Environment
       - Education & Training/Level of Education
             High School Courses Needed?
       - Job Outlook/Employment Potential
       - Salary & Earnings
       - Related Occupations
       - Sources for Additional Information

  Students will be encouraged to do some self-evaluation activities such as the following - Words to Describe Yourself and Others  What is your perception of yourself compared to how others see you (friends, parents, teachers, coaches, etc.)?  This is a common question on Teacher Recommendation forms on college and job applications. 

 Students will also learn how to use the internet to research career and college information, practice for future tests like SAT's and ACT's (see 11th Grade for more info), learn about scholarships, etc.

Students interested in going to college someday must keep their grades up, take challenging "college prep" classes (Algebra 2/Trig., Chemistry, Gemini U.S. History 11, etc.), get involved in activities and keep working on completing the 20 hours of community service for required for graduation. at D.C.S.

College (Gemini) courses taken in high school - Gemini Course Offerings   Students can first take college level "Gemini" courses (U.S. History 11, Psychology and Spanish) through Finger Lakes Community College, taught by DCS teachers, during their Junior year.  Students must meet a criteria of either:

    1) Being in the top 10% of their class.

    2) Have a 90 average in that subject area during 9th & 10th


    3) Have a teacher recommendation from your 10th grade

            teacher in that subject.

*See/download eligibility requirements below.

  Sophomores are given the opportunity to take the PSAT in the Fall.  The PSAT is not required at DCS.  For 10th graders, it is considered a "practice, practice" for taking the PSAT during Junior Year. The PSAT is intended to be practice for the SAT exam typically taken in the Spring of 11th grade.  As Juniors, the PSAT could also result in scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program.  Click here for more info - PSAT Information

SAT/ACT's are usually taken in the Spring of the Junior year 
so continuing to take difficult Math courses and improving your vocabulary and writing skills will help you be prepared.  There is a fee for taking the PSAT as well as SAT & ACT's.  Click on the website links below for online practice.
       PSAT Website & Practice
           SAT Website
               ACT Website

Tenth grade is the first year that students can be eligible for the National Honor Societ(NHS Website)In the Spring, students that have a cumulative grade point average of 90 or above are eligible and will receive an application.  There are four areas for consideration:  Academics, Leadership, Service and Character.

Are you getting "Career & College Ready?"


This will be required to write letters of recommendations for you.  You should hand this to anyone you are asking to write on your behalf at least 2 Weeks before the deadline.  Click on the picture above to download the Dundee Brag Sheet.  This is a fillable form and can be saved and updated at any time.  It is NEVER to early to start this!

Related Websites:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Website to research jobs/occupation by Nature of the Work, Work Conditions, Education & Training, Job Outlook, Salary & Earnings, etc.

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